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Ahh~ Asombroso Ask, me la paso riendome y disfrutando del talendo del moderador :3 te admiro pero falta más nsfw del Martu ewe, Aun asi espero esto este por bastante tiempo y no haya ningún problema con anons haters y la madre :3 mi pregunta; ¿Martín que tal te llevas con los hermanitos México?, Un abrazo y un beso para ambos desde el el pecho del Juan ajua(?)


Nos llevamos re bien che, nos juntamos cada cuanto para hacer… cosas de machos(?) *ver telenovelas*imageY no, nada nsfw >:C tomatelá(?)

*Y ya que estamos, le doy un beso~*

Attention: weird english—

Hi people! I’m so sorry, in recent months I have had many problems! My pc is dead (but now is ok).

Unfortunately I have many personal problems, I have moved house, but I still have much work to do… and then I didn’t have a decent internet connection—— BUT… I’m solving all the problems, and I’ll be back soon! I have received a lot of messages, sorry if I didn’t answer (you know, my connection is problematic…) I really appreciate your messages!

As you have noticed, I’m drawing a lot of times an OC not mine (Male!Mexico by Nadiezda) ahahah I’m so sorry but I love him! I decided to dedicate myself to draw even this beautiful character, but OBVS Aph Romano is my little boy, and SpaMano is always my OTP, don’t worry, I will continue to draw them too!

I hope to return soon
Ciao ciao ragazzi! 

- Ann


“Well @AvanJogiaBrasil everything is possible with translate google.”

  irl-spain said:
*whispers* you should draw Romano in a fashionable beard ovo (ps love u ann)


… He looks like young grandpa Rome (??)
(I love U too ~)

  kirakari said:
Yay, there's more of Mexico on your blog! I still don't really understand why Mexico isn't canon because they do have the highest amount if Spanish speakers than in any other country.

Mexico is the Latin American country that I love most, and I’m in love with Eduardo. Earlier I imagined Mexico as a beautiful woman… but when I saw Eduardo… omg he’s too perfect!! I think that I will draw him more often, I invite all my Mexican followers to talk me about their country çwç <3 I really want to give more justice to this beautiful character!

Oh people, I’m Italian and I want my latinos bros in hetalia.
These are my favorite characters created by the latin fandom.

Mexico by nadiezda

I don’t know who are the creators of Brazil and Argentina, but I’m inspired by Zu-art