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To people who followed me for one specific fandom, I am so so sorry

(Fonte: captainnswan)

  mikuoz said:
"Hello beautiful human! Once you get this you must publicly say 5 things about yourself. After you do so send this to your 10 favourite followers."

Grazie Miku ~

  1. I’m Italian, but I don’t love pasta (I like pasta, but not viscerally).
  2. I’m Italian, but I don’t know people with mustache.
  3. I’m Italian, but I don’t eat pizza everyday. (SOB.)
  4. I’m Italian, but I don’t have a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.
  5. I’m Italian, but I don’t have a fucking curl—.

I don’t send this because I can’t choose only 10 favourite followers, sorry.


Presenting the long and confusing story of Emma Swan’s love life*

*by someone who’s working off of his memory of the past 2 seasons